“Distinct conceptual units of language that exist possessively with my being.”

And vocally bringing the words of your project to life is what I find most interesting.

Big words; little words, familiar words, new words, everyday words, technical words when joined together create a communicative message uniquely their own.

I have been interpreting and expressing words of all kinds in a variety of verbal structures and environments both personally and professionally my entire life.

And while I take what I do seriously, it’s been fun as well!

Thanx for stopping by. Let’s talk about how we can work together to bring the words of your current project to life.




Narrator for Audiobooks, and for
Industrial, Corporate, Business, Banking and Financial,
Medical, Technical, Sport, Space and Science,
Products and Service Information,
Educational, Tutorial, Training and Interactive Videos,
Travel Destination and Historical Videos and Film,
Business Meeting Announcements,
Seminar Intros and Speaker Biographical Information.

Spokesperson for
Television and Radio Commercials,
Infomercials, and Direct Response,
Web Site Commercial and Ad Pre-Rolls,
Telephone On-Hold Messaging, Phone Prompts,
IVR, Outgoing Phone Messages,
In Store Announcements, Film Looping,
Character Voice Actor for Community Events,
Video Games, Film and Animation.