My career-long standing as a well-established, professional voice talent continues to encompass my life-long, full time voicing career.

From my old high school days to these young 21st Century days, I’ve been a professional voice artist specializing in radio and television commercials for products and services for home and business products, a narrator for financial, medical, and travel services, a credible informative voice for space and science programs, a knowledgeable voice for industrial informational, training, sales and marketing presentations, and an instructive voice for educational learning and tutoring programs.

Via essential Video Presentations, I have been the voice that has “taught” pilots to fly, scuba divers to dive, oil riggers to change huge drilling bits in the field, disclosed year-end financial reports, company reviews and new yearly economic projections, directions and more. I’ve explained intricate medical procedures and critical related equipment operations to physicians and surgeons and have actually portrayed medical roles in print of both a people doctor and animal veterinarian!

Historically, one of the first radio commercials I voiced was when I was still in high school. It was for Alfred Hitchcock’s signature movie, “The Birds.” Actually, it was a 30- second spot for a local movie theater which was showing the film as a Classic special double feature movie presentation! Oh, and the second movie? Another Classic. “Spartacus!”

It’s this kind of experiences and knowledge that allows me to provide you with what you’re looking for as your representative voice for your next project.

I invite you to click on the Demo Buttons, where you can listen to some short highlights of my extensive voice work career on narrations and commercials. Oh, and while you’re there, just for fun click on “Hear Chuck Say Challenging Big Words" from actual narrations I have done. Yeah, those WERE fun words. Whew!

Thanx for visiting. I look forward to working with you!

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